The Lille Métropole Stadium choose Panorama E² from Codra

The 50,000-seat Lille Métropole Stadium, in the shape of a translucent vessel, is a symbol of innovation. It is the first French stadium with a retractable roof, featuring two 7,200 ton rigid sections at a height of 31 meters that can be deployed in only 30 minutes. Furthermore, the northern half of the field is designed to raise and slide over the southern half, thus transforming the stadium into a theatre in just 24 hours.

The selected Panorama E² platform proved to be a reliable, ergonomic, and easy to use solution. It is intuitive to use with an easy to learn graphic editor. Furthermore, Panorama E² greatly reduces development lead times — a key benefit from a financial standpoint, and crucial in order to meet the project’s tight deadlines.

Panorama E² manages the redundancy, and can natively handle 12 redundant servers simultaneously, distribute the workload, and anticipate failure scenarios. The stadium is currently managed by two redundant servers for the East and West sections of the building; they communicate using the BACnet protocol.

While ease of use for the operations and maintenance teams was the top priority, the comfort of developers was not forgotten. Panorama manages the import/export of automation data, saving considerable time in the development process and avoiding manual data entry errors.

Supervision is accessible from any workstation: Maintenance, Control Centre (the stadium’s nerve centre during a match), Energy, Administrative Services, etc. Furthermore, technicians use tablets to access the SCADA system when working on site.

The Lille Metropole Stadium is compliant with the High Environmental Quality standard.

Panorama IT was selected to provide information on the stadium’s power consumption. The software continuously updates a database and analyses the stadium’s cost for each workstation.

Key figures

• 324 million euros for the total project

• 35 million euros for the equipment

• 50,000 seats

• 450 supervised gates

• 456 fan coil units, including 250 master units

• 350 projectors for lighting the field

• 70,000 LEDs on the front of the stadium

• 2,700 IT hotspots

• Two giant 60sqm screens

• 70,000W sound system with 1,000 loudspeakers

• 2.2MW consumed on a game day

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