The latest from Fujitsu

Now available from FG Eurofred is the Fujitsu Airstage V-II multi air conditioning VRF system for large buildings. It offers both efficiency and quick, easy installation with a host of new features for the end user.

The Fujitsu Airstage V-II series consists of outdoor and indoor units, controls system, adaptor/convertor units and a range of optional parts. The new systems can be applied to a wide variety of building applications due to the reduced size of the outdoor unit and total piping length capabilities of up to 1,000m.

Installation and commissioning of the Fujitsu Airstage V-II is simple and quick – and it is 20% lighter than the previous equivalent model. Significant improvements have also been made to reduce installation time – by adopting a removable L-shaped front panel, the workspace for installation and service has been significantly expanded in this new design. Compressor noise has also been significantly reduced by shielding the compressor compartment.

Precise and smooth refrigerant flow is achieved by using DC Inverter control in conjunction with individual indoor unit electronic expansion valve control. This allows for high precision, comfortable temperature control of ±0.5°C.


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