The future of energy unearthed

Vaillant continues to reduce the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels with the introduction of its geoTHERM ground source heat pump range, which includes the geoTHERM and the geoTHERM exclusive. Using latent energy stored in the ground, Vaillant’s heat pump range can generate hot water for space heating and domestic hot water use, while making a significant contribution towards the reduction of environmental pollution.
Designed with Vaillant’s high levels of quality and reliability, each ground source heat pump sets the standards in renewable energy for domestic and commercial applications. The geoTHERM draws heat from the earth through a closed ground loop, transfers this energy through a CFC-free refrigerant R 407C cycle and outputs usable energy in a higher temperature form to feed underfloor heating or radiator systems.
By using the latent energy from the earth, temperatures within the heating circuit can reach up to 62°C, sufficient to run a central heating system without the need for an additional heat source. In the case of higher required temperatures, an integrated auxiliary backup heater will boost the output for the appliances.

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