The BSE sector must up-skill

The budget has provided a further boost to building services companies who are considering up-skilling to include renewables in their offering, according to the new National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies.

Highlights included the confirmation that end-users would be incentivised to take-advantage of the Green Deal and the indication that planning reforms will lean in favour of sustainable development.

Green revolution

These announcements, backed-up by the recent introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the existing Feed-in Tariff programme, are creating a marketplace ripe for reputable companies with the appropriate skills and qualifications.

Dr Cathryn Hickey from the National Skills Academy explained: “To fulfil the requirements of what the Chancellor calls the green energy revolution, we need a workforce educated to the highest standards and there will be few business opportunities for those without accredited skills.”

Stimulate growth

Dr Hickey continued: “With the introduction of the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies we now have a recognised, countrywide network of accredited renewables training provision offering training and qualifications that meets the requirements of future legislation. Across the Skills Academy’s colleges and training providers, installers are able to gain industry recognised qualifications to drive forward Mr Osborne’s plans for low carbon growth.

“What’s clear is that this government is intending to stimulate growth and, for those involved in carbon reduction, this provides opportunities for the BSE sector. While cuts are being made in many other areas, the green agenda is being invested in significantly – the industry now needs to prepare itself for the demand that lies ahead.”

Training provision

The Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies will provide training in the design, installation and maintenance of technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, heat pumps and water harvesting and recycling. Additional technologies such as biofuels and micro-CHP will be available in the near future.

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