The brand new Size IT

The Size IT electronic sizing programme from Andrews Water Heaters has been updated to reflect a number of new developments both within the industry and in regards to the latest Andrews products and solutions. As a result this innovative software now includes new products, easier user options and, for the first time, LZC (Low/ Zero Carbon) technologies.

The LZC section includes the fundamental principles of how to size a solar thermal system, taking into account basic load and solar fractions, with a choice of either flat plate or evacuated tube options. Other factors included in the calculations are: where the project is in the country, the annual amount of solar irradiation predicted, the size of the roof and the energy production available from different panel angles. A total of three different options can even be trialled on screen.

The latest models added to Size IT are the SF60 condensing continuous flow direct fired water heater and the brand new NEOflo single burner condensing direct fired storage water heater. The SF60 is designed to deliver large volumes of high temperature hot water for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

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