The benefits of wireless technology

CP Electronics new An-10 wireless technology has been incorporated into the lighting scheme at the London based offices of the international consultancy RPS Group plc (RPS).

The revolutionary system allows fully featured lighting control with all of the benefits of wireless technology. By allowing the lighting to be controlled with detectors using the latest in wireless technology, rather than the conventional way of connecting to a wired network, the system provides a simpler way to include lighting control in new installations. It also makes the retrofit of new or additional control functionality to existing systems easier, thus increasing the potential for energy savings.

Installed by Reading based Electrical Power Specialists, CP’s An-10 overcomes concerns about wireless devices with the use of a unique ‘hybrid mesh’ network topology, together with a communication protocol specifically designed to meet the needs of lighting control.

At RPS, the system is controlling a variety of detectors around the company’s Cotton Lane offices in corridors, reception, offices and meeting rooms. Absence and presence detectors are connected to the system so the sensors identify when an area is occupied or unoccupied and switch the lighting on or off accordingly. Detectors are also being used for areas close to windows, where the unit monitors the amount of natural light and, if sufficient is available, will turn the lighting off.

With statistics showing that 20% of all electricity generated is used on lighting, CP have demonstrated to RPS that the control of lighting within a building is the key to achieving maximum energy efficiency. With lighting control technology moving at a fast pace, CP’s An-10 system has shown to be one of the most sophisticated lighting systems on the market today. Statistics show that installations using detectors can help achieve energy savings of up to 70%.

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