The Adveco 10-year guarantee on CHP efficiency

Adveco are proud to announce the launch of an innovative CHP servicing plan that guarantees lasting cogeneration efficiencies above a set minimum level for the duration of a 10-year, or 60,000-run hour plan.

Adveco Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for the Totem, the first in a new generation of high quality CHP units.  The Totem Combined Heat and Power range is available from 10kW to 50kW and delivers market-leading efficiencies in addition to the lowest NOX and CO emissions available.

First developed in the 1970’s, today’s Totem is the result of over 40 years of research and development, achieving an electrical production efficiency of up to 32.5%.  By introducing a new minimum efficiency servicing plan, Adveco can guarantee that this efficiency will never drop to lower than 85% of the original value over the course of 10 years or 60,000 operating hours.  This guarantees the value of the customer’s investment and is made possible by building the unit with automotive technology, low wear systems, and an advanced remote monitoring system.

When the modern Totem was redesigned, automotive technology was adopted that is purpose-built for operation with natural gas.  The chosen technology was a 1.4L natural gas engine combined with an automotive ECU unit.  Automotive engines offer many advantages over industrial engines commonly used in CHP units.  The engine is modern and efficient, meeting Euro 6 emissions standards, and most importantly it benefits from economies of scale.  This allows the machine to have a smaller engine running at higher RPM to take advantage of the torque curve; then the engine can be replaced when it wears to a predetermined level.  Because the engine is mass produced, this maintenance operation involves minimal cost to the end user.  Once the engine has been changed the efficiency is restored to its original value.

To extend the life of the engine and minimise this maintenance as much as possible the unit has been designed to limit engine wear.  This is achieved with an automatic oil change system; the machine includes both clean and dirty oil reservoirs, and the engine is fitted with a standard size oil sump.  Every 500 hours the machine activates the automatic oil change procedure.  Using motorised valves, the dirty oil is dumped into the bottom reservoir and the sump is refilled with fresh oil.  Operation resumes with clean oil for another 500 hours without any labour costs involved.  A visit to site is only necessary when the fresh oil reservoir is empty.  This prevents the build-up of damaging contaminants in the oil that is typical of engines using large oil sumps to avoid the need for frequent oil changes.

The ECU is taken directly from automotive systems common in European cars.  It includes over 15,000 parameters and allows real-time monitoring and adjustment.  It measures all inputs and outputs involved with the combustion and exhaust system and ensures a stoichiometric ratio even with changing conditions.  By interrogating the information gathered by the ECU via the remote monitoring system, the amount of fuel needed to produce the output is used to calculate the operational efficiency.  This information is available on the remote monitoring platform accessed by the end client and service agent to monitor and determine when and what maintenance is required.

Combining the remote monitoring system with automotive technology and systems to limit the wear of the machine allow Adveco to offer the customer service contracts that guarantee long-lasting, efficient operation.  As the efficiency is guaranteed, the performance and operation of the machine must also be guaranteed, so the contract is in effect a 10-year warranty covering all moving parts.  Any repairs for the duration of the contract will be carried out by Adveco at no additional cost so long as the standard conditions of operation are met by the customer.

The value to the customer with such an agreement is in knowing upfront the total maintenance costs and accurate savings calculations that won’t be affected by a large reduction in engine efficiency over time.  There are no hidden costs involved.  At the end of the contract the customer can choose to renegotiate a new contract.  Since all parts are consumable, the unit lifespan won’t have expired at the end of the contract.

The Adveco maintenance plan is designed to be different from conventional CHP maintenance regimes that push components beyond their serviceable life and leave the customer with a system that loses its efficiency, thereby becoming uneconomical to operate or repair.  Internal combustion engines need routine servicing, by carrying out frequent but low-cost servicing Adveco can improve the lifespan and cost-effectiveness of the Totem CHP for the customer.  For this reason, Adveco is proud to offer its complete servicing plan that guarantees lasting cogeneration efficiencies for the duration of a 10-year, or 60,000-run hour contract.


Bill Sinclair, Technical director


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