Test assurance

gilbertsPerformance test data for natural ventilation? According to a CIBSE webinar, they are essential tools to effectively evaluate a design and deliver reassurance once the building is constructed.

The CIBSE natural ventilation group webinar, Understanding Performance Tests, now available on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_tdSE5p0Uk), helps building services engineers to understand the principle areas of consideration and toaccurately extract the appropriate information from the test data.

CIBSE Natural Ventilation committee member, webinar panelist and technical director at Gilberts (Blackpool) Limited Roy Jones elaborates, “AS a manufacturer we have a rigorous testing and performance validation regime. After all, without these tests, how do you know if the ventilation system and components will deliver the expected results, and provide reliability and longevity in use? Testing proves whether the product will perform to specifications, be resilient, suitable, and last for the lifetime of the building.”

“But you need a combination of tests. British and European standard tests (BS and EN…) apply only to the performance criteria- the weatherability, acoustics, and thermal properties of each individual product. They do not address the durability and suitability in particular circumstances. You also need manufacturer performance tests, to know the product will ‘work correctly’ in service. Our R&D team conducts and completes lifetime testing, anf also develops on-going product testing, such as designing damper leakage rigs to provide individual product tests on each damper, before the product is allowed to leave the factory, thus providing confidence to the industry that the unit will work as designed and remain fit for purpose.”

Gilberts, Britain’s leading air movement specialist, is unique in having in-house a state-of-the-art air distribution test laboratory. The 400m3 centre enables thorough, accurate testing of air distribution grilles, diffusers and natural ventilation terminals to establish their full aerodynamic performance including throw, temperature, pressure and acoustic data.

The newly updated test centre compliments Gilberts’ 85000ft2 manufacturing facility. The company is unique in manufacturing every component in house- even as far as designing and engineering its own tools and dies in its own tool making facility.

Gilberts is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of grilles and louvres, and a growing force in the design and supply of natural ventilation solutions for the public and commercial sectors.


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