Temposoft 2 provides savings

Douglas-Delabie, the specialist supplier of thermostatic control solutions and accessories for the commercial market, has enhanced its successful Temposoft taps and mixers for washbasins with the development of its Temposoft 2 range.

Featuring a regulated flow rate at 3 litres/min, the company says these easy-to-operate ‘soft touch’ timed flow push basin taps and mixers can achieve water savings of approximately 84% compared with a traditional basin tap.

Time flow taps are used increasingly in commercial and public buildings for achieving water and energy savings, and to address growing hygiene concerns about possible cross contamination of MRSA and other infections.

For the very young or old, and disabled, the hand pressure required to operate a time flow tap can present difficulties. With its new refined singular and timeless design, Temposoft 2 is ideal for these applications, and offers the user three times the comfort, requiring 2kg of pressure to operate instead of 6kg for a standard model.

Additionally, Temposoft 2 offers improved hygiene, as the tap self closes there is no manual contact after hand washing, reducing the risk of cross contamination.


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