Temperature humidity transmitter

Status Instruments has further established their leading position in industrial instrumentation design with the introduction of their ‘smart’ SEM 160 series digital humidity and temperature transmitter. This unique product, which has a number of highly innovative features, offers exceptional accuracy and stability, making it ideal for applications in heating and ventilation, energy management, facilities management, storage, food processing and machine building.

Depending on whether the single (SEM161) or dual channel (SEM162) version is chosen, the two wire, loop powered, transmitter can be used to measure temperature, humidity, dew point and delta ‘T’ (the difference between ambient temperature and dew point). An optional head mounted four digit display allows the permanent or toggled display of temperature, humidity or dew point process parameters.

The transmitter, which has a temperature range of -30° to +100°C, can be ordered for wall or duct mounting, whilst further flexibility is provided by the remote sensor version where the sensor can be mounted up to five metres from the transmitter.

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