Take control from your mobile

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new Run Standby (RS) panel that replaces existing models to control up to eight systems on the Mr Slim or M Series range of air conditioning products.

The new RS_SMS Panel replaces the RS1 / RS2 / RS3 panels in one solution yet is both smaller and up to 33% less expensive than previous models, whilst offering an optional SIM card facility to give full control from a mobile phone and allow the system to send text messages to report errors.

RS Panels are ideal for air conditioning systems serving computer rooms as they help maintain and control the constant temperatures required in the most energy efficient way possible.  The panel allows operators to programme the operation of the systems allowing up to seven to act as a standby while the other systems operate. 

This has the benefit of ensuring that units act as a back-up if any system should fail, or it can rotate the operation and share the workload between units to help prolong equipment life, or switch on additional systems if capacity is not achieved by the units running.


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