Taconova launches new Topdrive

Valve specialist, Taconova (UK) Ltd has launched the IP54 protected RA57 Topdrive actuator range as a versatile, robust and easy to install solution ideally suited to underfloor heating system applications.

The RA 57 Topdrive series features a variety of electro-thermal actuators designed to fit the vast majority of heating circuit manifolds and radiator valve bodies used in domestic, commercial and public sector underfloor heating applications.

The RA57 boasts fully-encapsulated electrical and electronic components that ensure full actuator protection in the event of leaking valves. It also offers the possibility of an ‘upside down’ assembly (actuator facing downwards)

Taconova has designed the actuator range with ease of installation in mind. The RA57 features quick and easy bayonet connections which are audibly engaged with a click whilst the actuator’s design allows an internal visual indication of the valve position as standard. This helps serve as a functional and useful control feature during installation, commissioning and monitoring and brings installation time and cost savings for engineers. These new RA57 Topdrive actuators come in an especially compact design to further ease installation issues.


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