TA partners with CCS

Tour & Andersson has formed a partnership with Central Chemical Services (CCS) to provide customers with a comprehensive Legionella Control System. This is an integrated, largely chemical free and sustainable service that delivers unrivalled peace of mind in the removal and prevention of the lethal Legionella bacteria in waterborne systems.
Tour & Andersson and CCS’s four-stage process for a Legionella-control system is based on good practice in system design and comprehensive analysis – with Tour & Andersson’s ‘Measure to Know’ philosophy at its core.
Firstly a risk assessment and control plan devised by CCS minimises the inherent risk factors, such as any dead legs, in the customer’s waterborne system. Secondly CCS removes existing limescale, bacteria and biofilm – the breeding ground for Legionella. Only once the system has been fully analysed and cleaned does Tour & Andersson install the TA-Aqua+. The unit is incorporated into the system design to act as a gatekeeper, breaking down microorganisms through Advanced Oxidation technology (AOT). The bacteria, including Legionella, are broken down as they enter the system, to prevent further biofilm growth. Finally, the fourth stage in the process sees regular monitoring by CCS to ensure that the risk factors have been successfully minimised and a Legionella-safe environment has been created.
CCS has a strong reputation for the provision of high quality water testing, treatment and service support for evaporative cooling, steam raising plant and closed systems across a broad customer base. Operating throughout the hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, healthcare, education and residential sectors, CCS has twenty years’ experience in delivering technical expertise in specialist water testing, safety and legislative compliance.
Michelle Christie, Managing Director of CCS said: “While concentrating on their core business, customers also recognise their responsibilities of duty of care towards staff and visitors within their premises. Without the appointment of a specialist or responsible person there is no way that an organisation could ensure that the testing and sustained safety of the waterborne systems in their buildings are maintained, firstly because this needs to be carried out by a competent person as outlined in the HSE’s L8 (Legionnaire’s Disease – the Control of Legionella bacteria in water systems). Secondly an organisation needs to focus on its core business activity. Partnering with a specialist water treatment company removes the worry surrounding this highly emotive issue for building services managers, allowing more time and resource to be dedicated to the main function of the business.”
Working together, Tour & Andersson and CCS are able to provide a full service in the removal and control of Legionella and its biofilm breeding ground in all waterborne systems, both existing and new. Combining Tour & Andersson’s TA-Aqua+, which uses Advanced Oxidation Technology to successfully oxidise Legionella bacteria from a system, with CCS’s regular testing and inspection, will ensure that customers receive sustained Legionella-safe systems.
“This partnership means that customers will benefit from the technical capabilities of both companies,” said Tour & Andersson Managing Director Nigel Huggins, “While the TA-Aqua+ unit removes existing Legionella bacteria from a system, CCS’s constant measuring and testing will ensure that this remains the case for the lifetime of a contract. The partnership between Tour & Andersson and Central Chemical Services is very much based upon both companies’ belief in the importance of constant measuring and testing for reassurance and control.”

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