Tour & Andersson is recognising and addressing the shortages in training across the field of design and commissioning of variable flow systems within the industry.  By hosting a series of informative CPD presentations, the prestigious TA Hydronic College is committed to providing on-going training and support to young engineers and experienced employees.

Britain is facing a major skills shortage across the building industry that is threatening the completion of large-scale projects and generating an increase in expensive delays. 
The TA Hydronic College, Tour & Andersson’s own hydronic balancing institution, recognises its role in addressing the need for a step up in training and the transferal of essential skills and productivity required of the building industry. 
The problem lies with current tradesmen possessing inadequate training and qualifications combined with the number of apprenticeships shrinking.  There are over 50,000 applications for 10,000 places meaning the traditional apprenticeship route cannot meet the growing demand.  The Government has begun looking at the problem by setting up initiatives such as SummitSkills and ConstructionSkills as well as bursaries to encourage people from non-traditional backgrounds to study relevant degrees. 
 “A number of design engineers across the field of design and commissioning of systems, are still in their infancy when it comes to variable volume design and fully understanding the use of the traditional and new pipe line equipment for the commissioning of water systems,” explains John Coppin, Associate Director at Arup.   
Training is not just applicable to young engineers but it is important for the educational process to be in force for everyone within the industry including experienced employees.  There are daily challenges facing building engineers and consultants in terms of system design, installation and commissioning as well as current legislation and changing regulations imposed in making modern buildings as energy efficient as possible.
The TA Hydronic College is holding two seminars, 28th February, Science Museum in London and 22nd May in Dublin on the Three Hydronic Conditions for accurate control.  
“The seminars will be led by the keynote speaker Jean Christophe Carette, Head of the Hydronic College, and are designed to summarise Tour & Andersson’s expertise and provide educational training on all aspects of design flow, differential pressure and compatibility,” explains Maria Hooper, Marketing Manager at Tour & Andersson.  “The TA Hydronic College is dedicated to passing on its experience and knowledge in providing on-going education and training, in order for the building industry to adapt and develop through changing times.”
For further information on the Three Hydronic Conditions seminars please contact Aiysha Jafri, Seminars Co-ordinator on 01582 866 377.

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