System design in minutes

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched a software tool which will allow air conditioning application engineers to design and specify complete variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems in minutes. Esolution software is designed specifically for the company’s industry-leading KX4 VRF systems and will be available free to building services engineers.
David Lettis, UK Sales Manager at MHI, said: “Designing VRF systems can be a very timeconsuming and complex business. This software tool will enable engineers to cut down the time needed and ensures that the optimum system is selected for the customers’ needs.”
Suitable for both two- and three-pipe systems, MHI’s E-solution software is an end-to-end solution which guides air conditioning system designers through selecting and locating the most costeffective and energy-efficient combination of units, piping and controls. E-solution has been designed to be two-way – engineers can start with an equipment schedule and use the tool to build a complete design, or use a drag and drop menu to start with a building schematic and design-in the right equipment for each room or zone. The software specifies the appropriate components and sizes, and produces a full materials list.
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