Streamline from Timoleon

Underfloor heating specialist Timoleon has launched a new inspection, maintenance and commissioning service to be known as Streamline.

Streamline answers a long standing need among operators of warm water underfloor heating systems, as Timoleon Managing Director Darren Trivett explains: “Overall, underfloor heating systems have a well deserved reputation for reliability, but problems can occur. Often these result from poor understanding of how the system should be operated – particularly in terms of control. Many underfloor heating companies provide good after sales service in the early days, but are naturally reluctant to make return calls as the years pass.

“For domestic users, who may be second, or even third generation owners of the system, it can sometimes be fiendishly difficult to identify just whose system it is.”

Streamline has been set up to deal with precisely these kind of problems. Experienced field personnel, backed by the technical team at Exeter head office, will make house calls, inspect systems, diagnose the problem and put it right there and then where possible. In the few cases where immediate cure is not possible the Streamline representative will make detailed recommendations for subsequent action.

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