Steinel launch new FRS20

Steinel’s new FRS-20-light combines sensor technology and low energy lamps in a slim, aesthetically pleasing design to provide a whole host of advantages for professional electricians and consumers alike.

Designed for fast installation, the FRS-20-light has easy to adjust detection settings in addition to time and twilight features that are adjusted manually. Utilising 2 x 11W compact fluorescent lamps, the unit has a 360° angle of coverage, an electronic reach setting of 1 – 5 metres and it can be wall or ceiling mounted for total flexibility. The lamps work independently of each other so if one lamp is faulty the other will continue to work.

As well as offering high performance, maximum detection properties and outstanding value for money, Steinel’s FRS-20-light is characterised by a stylish appearance that would complement any building.

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