Staveley goes green

Heralded locally as a flagship demonstration of how green technologies can be used to the benefit of a whole community, the new Healthy Living Centre in Staveley, Derbyshire has opted to fit Dimplex ARC architectural air curtains as part of an extensive list of energy saving measures.
The new £8m centre built at the heart of Staveley is packed full of energy saving technologies, generating up to 40% of its energy requirements from low carbon sources to the benefit of more than half a million visitors who will pass through its doors during the first year alone.
It’s these doors where the Dimplex ARC architectural air curtains play their role in limiting heat losses through the doors whilst providing the right design aesthetics for this cutting edge building.
Barrie Midgley from The Hurst Group who worked on the project comments: “Dimplex air curtains weren’t originally specified by the consultant, but we realised we needed a product that was not only energy efficient but would be lightweight and look good in this statement building. The original air curtains specified were three times heavier than the Dimplex ones and in a building of this type with almost a full glass frontage, that extra weight would mean extra costs for structural support.
“We’ve used Dimplex CAB & DAB air curtains in a number of other jobs from supermarkets to schools with success, but in this case the look and design of the building were particularly important and we were able to match the trademark blue colour used throughout the building with the ARC air curtains finished in blue also.”
In keeping with the requirements of this project to only select the highest performing products, the Dimplex ARC range not only fit in from a design perspective, they also deliver when it comes to performance. With automatic heat and fan speed control dependant on footfall through the door, adjustable thermostatic operation and links to fully integrate the units within a BMS/BEMS building energy management system, close control over their running costs is possible.
The ARC air curtains also offer a great deal of installation flexibility for projects like the Healthy Living Centre. With installation either beside the door or above at up to 3.75m from the floor, positioning the units should be a cinch, and a choice of either painted, brushed or polished stainless steel finishes are also catered for.

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