SpiroCross 3-in-1 advantage ‘top of the class’ for Abbots Heating

The triple functionality of Spirotech’s SpiroCross has proved itself ‘top of the class’ for heating and boiler specialist Abbots Heating.

Since being won over to the advantages of the joint air and dirt separator with hydraulic balancing, the company has installed the 3-in-1 product in a school and a golf club.

The SpiroCross is designed for optimum use in new-build and refurbished apartment buildings, small offices and other commercial locations.

As a single unit it carries the flow and return and has at its heart a spiral structure, the Spirotube, which ensures that micro bubbles in the fluid rise automatically, while dirt particles sink.

Abbots Heating, based in Abbots Langley, near Watford, specified the SpiroCross for St Michael’s Catholic High School in nearby Garston.

The company installed the AX 150 into the school’s 100kW cascade format heating system and an AX 125 for the 49kW single system serving its administration block.

Abbots Heating also chose an AX 125 for Grim’s Dyke Golf Club, at Hatch End, near Pinner, Middlesex.

Paul Jeeves, Director of Abbots Heating, who this year celebrates 30 years in heating engineering, said: “We have used SpiroCross on systems between 45kw and up to 160kw, using Viesmann boilers, for the past three years.

“We have found the SpiroCross to have a low resistance to flow and, with the added benefits of debris collection and air separation, found it to protect the systems very well.

“When compared to the alternative of building your own low loss header – with the added cost of strainers and labour on top of basic materials then lagging it – the SpiroCross is very cost effective, especially with the pre-formed insulation jacket.

“It is extremely compact, which is an advantage when space is at a premium.”

Spirotech Specification Manager Keith Mileham, said: “As well as performing the functions of three otherwise separate components, the SpiroCross has a market leading 20-year warranty.”


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