Sontay improves range

Sontay has introduced two new wall-mounted sensors which provide better light level and occupancy detection performance to drive greater energy efficiency within commercial and public building applications.

The LL-W-V is a new light level transmitter whilst the OC-W-LV is a Passive Infra-Red detector for monitoring room occupancy as part of an integrated building control system. Key improvements include an extended range and field of view which increases the area coverage of each sensor – up to 21m and 90o for the LL-W-V and up to 18m and 90o for the OC-W-LV, respectively.

The OC-W-LV also offers the opportunity for engineers to set a time delay, adjustable between 10 seconds and 30 minutes. A new curved design ensures that each sensor is less obtrusive in the room, and wall or corner installation is also easier with a specially designed bracket which allows for easy adjustment after fitting. Occupancy detection will cause the internal relay on the OC-W-LV sensor to activate.

Using a photo diode cell for light level detection within the 10-2000 lux range, the LL-W-V provides a linear 0-10Vdc output.

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