Sontay creates a sense of style

As part of a series of improvements to its range of control peripheral and measurement devices, Sontay has significantly improved the design of its HVAC room sensors. The new sensors blend more easily with modern design schemes and will simplify specification and installation.

Stylish, uniform housings now feature across Sontay’s popular temperature, relative humidity, air quality, CO2, condensation, light level and occupancy sensors. The attractive, curved design is an aesthetically pleasing solution that offers a smarter finish to the building’s interior and plant facilities than other, less thoughtfully designed, sensors. They will also fit seamlessly within a greater range of contemporary commercial property styles.

The new plant housing also provides exceptional IP protection and the added benefit of a hinged lid, making it extremely easy to install. The lid can also be screwed closed, ensuring the unit remains secure and tamper-proof.

In other developments, Sontay has launched its own branded thermostats to provide accurate control of liquid and gas temperature in a variety of HVAC applications. The company has also made improvements to existing ranges including light level and occupancy detectors.

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