Smooth, Stylish and Silent Sliding Doors From JLC

Clipboard01JLC Automation Services has introduced new, evolutionary magnetic automated sliding doors that effortlessly glide, providing any type of glass or wooden door with a smooth, elegant movement.

Powered by linear magnetic drive technology using permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), JLC’s clever compact door operator has been designed for safe, reliable and quiet operation, to stylishly complement any modern interior.

With low energy requirements for efficiency, JLC’s magnetic sliding door operators meet all safety requirements. Their automatic sensors instantly detect any obstruction to immediately stop and reverse. Activation is hands-free with no need for obtruding handles and can be achieved with light contact, through radio remote control, or infrared motion sensors.

Suitable for both new and retrofit applications, the sleek magnetic mechanism can easily be installed to update both the function and appearance of any size or configuration of internal doorway.

The magnetic openers from JLC utilise advanced technology that considerably reduces the number of mechanical components, incurring less wear and tear, and so requiring less maintenance, than traditional automatic door operators. There is also much less to be damaged or to wear out, for reliable, on-going operation.

Meeting DDA requirements, JLC’s magnetic sliding doors provide automated barrier-free access for the convenience of the user. An ideal solution for hotel rooms, nursing homes, offices and restaurants, as well as private homes, the super quiet operation is an advantage in settings where noise can cause distraction.

For further information about JLC Automation Services and its new magnetic sliding door operators, please visit the company website or contact 01293 567 929 to arrange a free, no obligation site survey.

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