Smile for heating control

Honeywell has a new solution for weather-compensated heating control in buildings too small for a building management system, but too large for domestic controls.  Its versatile Smile controller uses the latest digital technologies and provides similar capabilities of the Honeywell Aquatrol 2000 – a popular choice over many years for weather-compensated heating control.
In every respect – from great styling and easy operation to a versatile technical specification – Smile is very much a product for the current digital age. For users, Smile is stylish and simple to use with many comfort-enhancing, energy saving features.  Smile has an ingenious user panel with a large back-lit LED display and a single rotary control that is also a push button.  This makes it easy to select, change and confirm set values and times – and difficult to make mistakes.
For installers, its versatility satisfies the needs of many applications, yet provides excellent value for money.  It can be used as a stand-alone controller or combined with other Smile units in a small network.  Smile is also designed to be very easy to install and set up, with pre-loaded basic programs to reduce planning and start-up effort.

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