Smedegaard launch UK H&V manual

Smedegaard is celebrating 30 years in the UK by launching a new H&V Manual.

Smedegaard was one of the first pump companies to release a Pump Manual for the building services market and this will be the 4th manual made.

The manual contains everything you need to know in order to maintain and operate all of the Smedegaard product range including circulators, cold water booster sets, break tank booster sets and pressurisation equipment.

This 2013 version of the manual has been released as an electronic version in a PDF file, which can be view through the PDF reader of any smart phone and can also be printed if needed. Later this year we will also be releasing an iBook version of the H&V Manual for iPad users, which will include video and interactive diagrams.

To download your copy of the H&V Manual, visit the Smedegaard UK website.


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