Smart metering from Eaton

Eaton has introduced a range of Type B, 200A final distribution boards with integral smart metering for power and lighting.  This enables specifiers and installers to meet the energy metering requirements of the current Building Regulations Part L2 cost-effectively without having to install separate distribution boards and feeders for each type of load.

The sub-metering requirements of Part L2 apply to all new and refurbished non-domestic buildings greater than 500m2 and call for energy sub-metering so that at least 90% of the estimated annual energy consumption can be assigned to specific end-use categories such as lighting, heating, pumps and fans. Traditionally, final distribution boards supply both lighting and small power loads.

Eaton’s new smart, split-metered distribution boards are suitable for three-phase or single-phase applications as standard and provide for separate measurement of lighting and small power grouped loads.  Installation of the boards is simple; the metering and 200A switch disconnector incomer are completely pre-installed at the factory, allowing the installer to focus on outgoing circuit requirements. The distribution boards are offered in four sizes from 10 to 24 TPN ways.

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