Simplicity and speed for BMS users

Of course, everyone understands that no two projects are alike. Modern BMS solutions must be adaptable for use in both new buildings and renovations, in large and small projects. As a result, products and services must be able to meet specific customer needs. These thoughts were the driving force in the development of Blue ID and Top Control 8. Convenient and intuitive operation had to be reflected in the system’s various new functionalities.

Easy access

TC Manager web-based control software is the technology that effectively creates a permanently accessible building; always available wherever the user is located and whatever operating system is deployed. Here, it is possible to navigate quickly and easily through the building sections to manage any specific room. Settings such as climate, lighting and sun blinds can be adjusted in line with behaviour analysis reporting.

The widgets in TC Manager allow users to see, at a glance, the building performance indicators that are most important. With extensive options for personal displays and data-logging graphs in TC Manager, users have powerful analysis resources at their disposal, which can be customised to specific preferences. In addition, the stored settings save time when retrieving frequently used data. At last, building control by intuition.

Simple installation

For installers, the advantages of the new building management system are obvious as hardware installation and wiring can be done in a fraction of the time required in the past. The core of the system is a base on which individual modules are installed. This means that the system is extremely fast to create and the risk of error is reduced. Furthermore, all of the critical components are located within the modules so that, in the unlikely event of a failure, the fault will remain confined to that part of the system. The base is always live and communication will remain intact, even when one or more modules are being serviced.

Importantly, with Priva’s latest generation BMS, customers have complete freedom of choice when it comes to field equipment and contractors for service and maintenance. This is because the project database is stored on an SD card within the controller. As a result, the user can decide the preferred Priva partner to use for the service and maintenance of the system.

Future proofed

With this new introduction Priva has very effectively thought of everything – including the necessity for future changes to the system. The (BACnet) BTL-certified hardware of Priva Blue ID communicates with a wide range of sensors and actuators via a large number of protocols, and as a result renovations are extremely simple because the functional system can be renewed while retaining the existing field equipment and infrastructure.

What’s more, the system can easily be upgraded via software to accommodate a larger number of ports and I/O points, while Priva 2-wire, which is a unique technology using IP over a 2-wire cable, makes it possible to re-use existing cabling during renovation work and to bridge considerably longer distances than is generally achievable using Ethernet. In this way, Priva will be at the heart of a future-proofed building.

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