Simple solar solution

Dimplex’s popular range of solar kits includes a number of features to make installation easier and quicker.

An aluminium absorber sheet gives optimum heat transfer combined with low weight, while double O-ring push fit pipe connections and flexible insulated stainless steel hoses allow rapid installation by a roofer, leaving the pipes in the loft ready for the plumber to connect at a later stage.

This means the trades can work independently and most importantly, the plumber no longer needs to get onto

the roof. The O-ring connections also allow up to 10 panels to be connected in series for larger projects, giving a total plate collector area of 21.5sq m.

In addition, the range also offers a wide choice when it comes to roof mounting options. An integrated roof mounting kit is available for a sleek profile while an add-on flashing kit will conceal pipework going into the roof. Other options include on-roof mounting for slate, flat tile or corrugated tiled roofs, as well as a freestanding option for installing on the ground or flat roof.

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