Simple energy saving

Hager has launched a new Klik OS light sensitive occupancy sensor that promises large energy savings for simple on/off lighting control solutions. The new sensor has the option of both presence detection or, for greater savings, just absence detection.
In its presence detection mode the sensor combines switching in response to movement with light levels. When the ambient light levels drop below a preset level the sensor will switch the lights on. If it then detects no movement after a preset period it will switch the lights off. This time delay to switch off can be set between 5 and 35 minutes.
If you select absence detection only mode, then the sensor will detect movement but will not switch on the lights when people enter the area. Occupants need to switch the lighting on using a wall or other retractive switch. Once the lights are turned on, the sensor will turn them off after detecting no movement for a preset time.
The new sensor further reduces costs by managing the artificial lighting in response to natural daylight levels.
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