Silent switching from Hager

Hager has launched a range of two and three module low noise contactors for applications where silence is a virtue, such as in hotel rooms and restaurants.
The new range will be mainly used for essential circuit switching, lighting, heating, ventilation, pumps and for other building systems. The contactors are DC driven with an integrated rectifier for DC or AC voltage control. The noise during switching is significantly less than that produced using an AC solenoid.
In addition to low noise switching, the contactors are hum free. The rectifier limits the interference voltage peaks of the solenoid system while opening, so they can also be used with programmable logic controllers.
Other features include a position indicator, coil protection against overvoltage to 4kV, a sealing cover option and compatibility with an optional auxiliary contact.
The new range is available for 25A, 40A or 63 A rated switching in two and three module configurations.
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