Silence is golden

Wagner UK has launched a new range of silentrunning air sampling smoke detection units as part of its popular Titanus family. The new units are fitted with highperformance fans and additional soundproofing to produce a totally silent running system for applications such as domestic premises and offices where ambient background noise is low. The new silent-running versions are available for both the Titanus Top·Sens and Titanus Pro·Sens systems.
The Titanus range has been developed by Wagner as a simple and low cost air sampling system replacement for point smoke detectors. The combination of silent-running and the use of discreet sampling points completely minimises the impact on the interior environment of a building and produces a more aesthetically attractive solution compared to traditional point smoke detectors. In contrast to traditional smoke detection systems, Titanus ASD systems can detect fires at a very early stage, often before visible smouldering, or an open fire occurs and before intense smoke develops.
As well as applications where aesthetics are important, Titanus ASD can provide significant benefits for buildings with large open spaces, in areas where future access is likely to be a problem.
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