Shape up to energy ratings

The changing face of construction in the 21st Century demands that designers, specifiers and suppliers work as teams to create better buildings for occupants which also make less impact on the environment.
From early 2009, existing buildings will be measured in terms of their energy performance, and in some cases they will have to display energy rating certificates. 
To help those involved in the industry to find their way around the certification process and likely future legislation, environmental control specialist Mitsubishi Electric has produced a free, independent guide to Building Energy Ratings.
Over the next decade, Mitsubishi Electric believes that the introduction of energy performance certificates and continued hikes in energy costs will increase occupiers’ knowledge of, and demand for, more environmentally efficient property.
“There is growing concern that organisations will not want to occupy high energy use buildings which will damage their environmental credentials,” explained Commercial Director Donald Daw. 
“The equipment in the average commercial office building is going to come under much closer scrutiny than it ever has, and facilities managers are going to be kept very busy over the next few years.” 
Download your free copy of this and other industry information guides from Mitsubishi Electric’s website (

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