Setting the standard in cable safety and efficacy for public buildings

When it comes to the materials used in public buildings, such as hospitals, schools and hotels we expect that all measures are taken in order to prioritise and protect public safety.

These materials also need to stand up to the test when something goes wrong. For example, if there were a fire in the building we would expect the materials to perform and resist the fire, and would think everything possible has been done to ensure only the best materials were in place.

However, this is not always the case, so choosing a trusted, knowledgeable supplier is vital when installing cable into any environment.

Prysmian supplies LSOH cable of the highest quality and standard that is able to cope with all the elements of an internal building scenario. From supply, such as cable at entry to buildings connecting to your mains in your building, to power distribution (cables exiting your main distribution point in the building, perhaps running cable overhead), and right through to the final connection into your building services devices.

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