Set Tungsten Free

With pressure mounting on tungsten based lamps and luminaires, where can you turn to find quality, functional and decorative alternatives?

Now there’s more than one solution!

Franklite announces the launch of their new FRANKled range of luminaires for both commercial and high end residential markets based on energy saving technologies such as LED and CFL.

Franklite is well known for their decorative luminaires and has been the first to introduce new lamp technologies to the decorative lighting sector for some time. Having been in operation for nearly 40 years, the company developed products for specific markets and applications for installations such as hotels, leisure facilities and residential care homes.

FRANKled luminaires that use LED’s as the light source incorporate Franklite’s new range of LED light engines to create a comfortable and yet cost effective long term solution for most applications. One of the solutions offered includes a variety of alternatives for 2D lamps, which can be supplied installed in most of Franklite’s surface mounted CFL products. The new Ecodisc solution provides alternatives for 28W, 38W and 55W TC-DD lamps and can be provided with integral emergency, presence detection, self dimming or dimming via 1-10V, DALI, DSI or mains signal (phase cutting, trailing edge, leading edge).

Franklite doesn’t stop there! As Franklite is well known for supplying large decorative chandeliers, they decided to ‘go green’ and develop a new light engine that is a true replacement for the ubiquitous candle lamp, commonly used in chandeliers across the world. The new LED13 light engine can provide 360 degree radial distribution just like a candle lamp and even looks like one – only it will save you approximately 80% of the energy used by an equivalent tungsten alternative!

For more details, please email using reference BSEE1210 in the subject line to find out more or arrange a local presentation.

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