Service Manager Plus

New features and enhancements in the latest desktop and mobile versions of Estimation’s Service Manager Plus offer significant benefits to building services contractors and other construction disciplines involved in service and maintenance work.
Already widely used by contractors servicing extensive property portfolios, Service Manager Plus now offers improved reporting and management functionality, as well as key productivity features.
For example, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) functionality has been significantly enhanced and extended to clearly show whether SLA (Service Level Agreement) targets are being met for each customer. This includes the ability to suspend SLA timings during ‘business closed’ hours in order to reflect a true and accurate picture of actual performance.
Time saving features include faster and easier synchronisation with mobile devices, a new ‘site copy’ facility and the ability to import user details from Estimation’s central ContractMaster Plus core module. All of which makes system set-up and administration quick and easy.
Many more new features are included in the latest version, which retains all of its popular features – such as the Defects Liability tool introduced in the last version.

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