Searle switches to EC fansets

Searle ushers in a new generation of environment friendly 1.2kW to 9.9kW unit coolers with its KEC cooler range, exclusively built around low noise, high efficiency EC fansets. Specially developed for cold rooms and cool cabinets, the KEC range offers impressive energy and cost savings because the EC motors require just 50% of the power input of comparable coolers. Each fanset saves £100 on energy costs per year – significantly reducing the payback period.
Searle Commercial Director Richard Saunders says as the only cooler range with EC fansets as standard rather than optional, the KEC range is already arousing interest.
EC (electronically commutated) technology gives Searle KEC coolers significantly better performance than earlier models.
There are 10 models in the KEC range, all with quiet running 300mm EC fansets. The smaller capacity models have 1,370rpm motors, larger models have 1,750rpm motors with optional two speed operation. Fans have internal thermal protection and are flush mounted within the casing. The range has a modern aesthetic design, with a galvanised steel casing and white powder coating for a hard durable finish.
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