SeaChange Meter Monitor

A new Utility Meter Monitor has been designed to work in conjunction with Utility Meters to monitor and quantify the energy usage in commercial premises.
The module can monitor utility meters and notify the energy manager if the energy usage in a given period exceeds a predetermined level. The Utility meters must have a pulsing output with a Volt-free or Open-Collector (solid-state) output with a pulse frequency not exceeding 30Hz. The Pulse Counting Module has 2 channels. Each channel provides the capability to monitor a meter for current total usage, and daily total usage.

The data stored in the Pulse Counting Module may be extracted using

Doorway Supervisor (either directly connected or via a modem connection).

Once captured by Doorway, the data may be exported to other Windows applications (e.g. Excel) for further analysis. The current value of the count may be displayed on a Zone Controller.

The module can be used with a water meter to provide an early warning when a water leakage is detected on the premises and to monitor the activity on a water meter during and out of occupancy times.

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