‘SE Controls Launch the SHEVTEC® Extended Travel Distance System’

Life just got easier for developers, designers and regulators of residential and student accommodation thanks to SE Controls’ revolutionary approach to smoke ventilation. After a flawless installation of their SHEVTEC® Extended Travel Distance System at Chettles Yard student accommodation in Nottingham, their client has been able to benefit from the most cost effective and robust smoke ventilation system in the market.

The SHEVTEC® Extended Travel Distance System enables designers to save significant costs in a number of ways. The system enables escape travel distances to be increased above the ADB compliant maximum 7.5m without the need for additional stairwells creating an opportunity for significantly more accommodation. Furthermore, the SHEVTEC® Extended Travel Distance System uses smoke shafts less than half the area required by a conventional 1.5m2 shaft demanded under a typical natural ventilation system as set out in Approved Document B of the Building Regulations.

The system is the culmination of over two years’ research using extensive Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling to simulate literally hundreds of scenarios. The SHEVTEC® Extended Travel Distance System has been designed to provide developers with much more flexibility to achieve ever increasing commercial pressures but without the need to compromise occupant or fire fighter safety.

The brains behind the SHEVTEC® Extended Travel Distance System lies in the patented OSLoop control system, a looped power and data system, which constantly monitors all inputs and outputs including all cabling and the position of smoke vents – all in accordance with EN12101 part 9. Intelligence within the system is key to the systems effectiveness.

Should a fire occur, SHEVTEC® smoke detectors placed in the corridor will determine which smoke shaft is closest to the fire and initiate that shaft as the extract shaft. Both SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Doors on the corridor will automatically open and the extract fan on the extract shaft will operate. The OSLoop system will ensure that all other smoke shaft doors remain closed within the building, so that smoke shafts work efficiently and keeps smoke from entering other corridors served by them.

In accordance with Approved Document B the OSLoop system will initiate the automatic opening of the SHEVTEC® Louvre at the top of the staircase during any system activation. This will ventilate any smoke that may enter the staircase as fire doors to the escape stair are opened.

SE Controls is a rapidly growing UK company operating across the globe with offices in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The company is continually seeking exceptional individuals to join the team, visit the website at www.secontrols.com to learn more. To discuss possible project requirements with SE Controls and request literature, please call their head office in Lichfield on 01543 443060.

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