Screw compressors from Bitzer

For industrial refrigeration applications, Bitzer UK has now introduced two new robust ranges of screw compressors – the semi-hermetic 85 and the open 85 series.
The HS 85 semi-hermetic compressor combines proven screw compressor technology with some of the innovative features found in Bitzer’s established compact screw ranges – including the space saving feature of having all the connections on one side.
Energy efficient operation is, however, the most important attribute of the HS 85 series.
The compressors are optimised for parallel compounding to provide higher system capacity. Slider control gives infinite or three stage stepped capacity control and unlike other similar compressors the economiser is incorporated into the capacity control slider and can be used throughout the unloading range. This design innovation provides the highest energy efficient operation with part loading. An integrated oil management system features an automatic oil stop valve, oil filter and oil monitoring.
The HS 85 series extends the existing HS range and provides displacements of 315 to 410 3/h at 50 Hz and can be used with R134a, R404A, R507A, R407C and R22.

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