Scorpion is in full flight

RAF Leuchars in St. Andrews, the RAF’s principal operational fighter station and one of the busiest air bases in Strike Command, has ensured that its air traffic control tower and fire station will be able to operate if a powercut occurs by installing a generator from Scorpion Power Systems.  
Supplied to Alfred McAlpine Business Services in Uddingston, Strathclyde and specified by Morgan-Est, which was awarded the contract to refurbish RAF Leuchars runway by Defence Estates, the generator is able to restore power to both the traffic control tower and fire station within seconds of their being a power outage. Alfred McAlipine Business Services is the facility management company on RAF Leuchars, responsible for mechanical and electrical services including the aircraft ground lighting. As a sub-contractor to Morgan-Est, the company’s projects division carried out the installation of the aircraft ground lighting and the installation of the air traffic control standby generator as part of the runway refurbishment.
“Morgan-Est specified Scorpion Power Systems as it was one of only a very few companies that could meet the very stringent specification”, says Stuart Finlayson, Project Manager at Alfred McAlpine Business Services. “Scorpion was awarded the business as it offered the best value for money, has an excellent track record and the experience and expertise to undertake such assignments”.
The Scorpion Powerhouse DV275 generator is specifically produced for the long-term protection of critical and sensitive equipment to insure against major electrical catastrophe. When the mains supply fails, or goes out of acceptable limits, the AMF panel disconnects the faulty mains supply, starts the generator and connects it to the load, on mains return the AMF will transfer the load back to the mains and after a cool down time shut down the generator. 
The Station plays a critical part in the defence of the UK and its territorial waters. Both 43(F) and 111(F) Squadrons fly the Tornado F3 fighter and are tasked to provide crews and aircraft at 10 minutes readiness 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to police and if necessary, shoot down rogue aircraft in UK airspace. Since 9/11, the complexity of the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) task has increased considerably. The whole Station supports QRA and the Joint Rapid Reaction Forces by helping provide force elements (both aircraft and personnel) at Very High Readiness or as required, as well as the NATO Response Force. RAF Leuchars is also the home of 56(R) Squadron, the Tornado F3 Operational Conversion Unit.
“As RAF Leuchars is located in a rural area between St. Andrews and Dundee on the East Coast of Scotland it can be vulnerable to inclement weather”, concluded Stuart Finlayson. “With so many demands upon RAF Leuchars, it is important that the station’s air traffic control tower is not incapacitated if a powercut occurs”.
Supplied in a weatherproof and acoustic canopy, the Scorpion diesel generator has been installed in a bund to retain any diesel spillage. It is fitted with a water jacket heater, which is designed to keep the engine at optimum temperature for fast and efficient start-up and rapid load acceptance. The generator is also fitted with fire shutdown and remote dial-out facilities so that the system can be checked as part of a BMS (Building Management System).

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