Schneider extends range

Schneider Electric has extended its innovative Canalis range with the introduction of the Plug-on Distribution boards, designed to increase installation efficiency and improve performance. 

Canalis is a comprehensive system of busbar trunking for lighting and power distribution and provides a simple, flexible and efficient alternative to traditional cabling in any building or structure.  The new Plug-on Distribution board has been specifically designed for use with the Canalis KSR rising main busbar, which is suitable for medium power distribution applications.  The compact design of the product coupled with the fact that it replaces a tap-off unit, distribution board, cable tray and cabling, makes this product ideally suited for applications where space is limited and greatly reduces installation time and labour costs.

Due to the way power is distributed through a busbar trunking system, the Plug-on Distribution board, which is fully type tested and constructed to BS EN 60439-1, can be safely removed and handled under energised conditions and is available in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18 and 24 outgoings.  For customers looking to monitor their energy usage, the product is available as an optional metered version.


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