Scaling caused by hard water is a big waster of energy

Scaling is such a serious cause of energy waste that it is a Part L regulation that in hard water areas a scale inhibitor MUST be installed prior to all boilers. It is a regulation many are not aware of .. but it is a regulation with a reason.

Maidenhead based Fluid Dynamics has been manufacturing non chemical scale inhibitors since 1973. Utilising an alloy composed of a mixture of noble metals Fluid Dynamics Scaletron neutralises the scaling potential of Calcium carbonate so it does not form a hard scale. The product is so successful that it is now  specified for all new Marks and Spencers Food stores and Waitrose stores. Equally Burberrys’ new head quarters in  London’s Regent Street will be equipped with Scaletrons protecting water heaters urinals and the cold water systems on the buildings.

Other major projects  overseas include .. The Argentina Central Bank in Buenos Aires. The City Mall in Amman,  Jordan, The Kempinski Hotel In Dubai,  Paris Orly Airport ..  In the UIK The Quatar Airways airport lounges in Heathrow .. Many Cambridge colleges, The Empress State Building  and so the list goes on.

The major benefit of the technology is that it has no moving parts and uses no electricity and is approved for use in drinking water systems.. In December Unilever, one of the largest Companies in the world,  in a $50,000 contract ordered 12 of the Company’s industrial Scale prevention units to protect steam boilers from scaling up.

With water softeners being banned in parts of the USA and the damage chemicals do to the environment being increasingly recognised .. so Fluid Dynamics natural technology has seen significant sales growth with 80% of sales being exports. The latest project in the US  being to supply units to a US army base.

Robert Spencer Managing Director of Fluid Dynamics expects sales in 2012 to increase by more than 50% as the company has appointed distributors in Puerto Rico, Philippines, Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Bolivia, India and the Dominican Republic in the past six months..” There is no doubt” he says” that there is a huge move towards green water treatment and Fluid Dynamics is one of the oldest suppliers of this type of treatment in the world”

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