SAV launches new module

SAV Modules has launched a new, improved version of the company’s popular MonoLink Commissioning Module.

MonoLink offers specifiers who prefer a traditional approach to fan coil distribution arrangements the option of an ultra compact connection system that can drastically reduce installation and commissioning time.

The pre-packaged assembly combines all the components required for flushing and commissioning the system into a single, compact unit that will fit in the tightest corners. And, thanks to the FitraCim combined ball valve and strainer fitted on the flow side, it’s possible to clear out debris – without having to drain down the fan coil.

Binder points and air vents can be incorporated as required.

The patented MonoLink design now incorporates a single casting for the cross-over/bypass section. As a result there are even fewer joints that might be disturbed during installation or maintenance.

SAV MonoLink Modules are already famous for their speed of installation. Not only is the system the most compact and versatile of its kind available on the market, it’s also by far the easiest to fit.

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