SAV launches decentralised, heat recovery AHUs

Airmaster decentralised heat recovery air handling units (AHUs) are the latest addition to SAV Systems’ range of energy saving solutions for a wide range of applications from classrooms to offices.

Airmaster units are installed in each space to be ventilated, using a through-wall/roof connection via a counter-flow heat exchanger to the outside. As such, they avoid the need for complex and costly ductwork systems and eliminate the fan power wasted in overcoming ductwork resistance – while delivering a fast response to indoor air quality requirements and up to 85% heat recovery.

Further energy savings are achieved through the use of EC motor technology with low Specific Fan Power. They can also be combined with CO2 sensors to provide true Demand Controlled Ventilation at a local level.

Ideal for refurbishment and retrofit as well as new-build projects, Airmaster units can be high-wall or floor mounted to suit the needs of each space. Floor-mounted units can be configured to provide maximum mixing or displacement ventilation.

It is also very easy to extend the system to other spaces at any time simply by installing more units. In contrast, a traditional ductwork system is designed for maximum usage of all spaces, typically leading to over-ventilation and wasted energy.

SAV Systems is the sole UK distributor of Airmaster decentralised AHUs.

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About SAV Systems

SAV Systems is one of the UK’s leading specialists in innovative building services solutions, including CHP, district heating, heat exchangers, ventilation systems, HVAC distribution manifolds and commissioning modules. SAV works in partnership with key suppliers such as EC Power, Danfoss and FAR to innovate in all of these areas, with a view to improving energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and cost of ownership.

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