SAV FlatStations improve comfort

SAV Systems has supplied 336 FlatStation heat interface units for use in district heating systems on the Handcroft Estate in Croydon, Surrey. The project, which included decentralisation and upgrading of boiler plant, has delivered significant energy savings for Croydon Council and reduced service charges for tenants in the future.

“The estate was originally served by a central boiler plant with no local temperature control in the individual dwellings,” explained Croydon Council’s David Leek. “Consequently there was considerable temperature variation and we even had people opening windows in winter, so this was clearly very wasteful.

“To help tackle this, and with the help of funding from the Greater London Authority, we have decentralised the boiler plant into eight smaller boiler houses, each serving between 23 and 63 residences. The project also included refurbishment of the boiler plant and the installation of FlatStations in each flat to provide local control of heating and hot water. The flats have also been fitted with room thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves and programmers.”

The installation was carried out by Clairglow Heating of Sevenoaks. Clairglow’s Chris Wheeler says: “This was a challenging project as we were working in occupied properties and needed to minimise disruption to the residents. Installing the FlatStations meant we could remove hot water cylinders to give tenants more space and they now have better control of their space heating.”

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