SAS International provides a future proof solution

sasSAS International has designed, manufactured and installed over 2,850 linear metres of Integrated Service Modules (ISMs), incorporating passive chilled beams with a DALI Control system, to provide a future proof cooling solution for the new Wakefield Civic offices.

The ISMs and connecting offsite manufactured bulkhead service spines incorporate perforated acoustic panels to provide enhanced occupant comfort. Whilst DALI controlled edge lighting runs in a continuous strip on the side of the beams ensuring compliance with the latest lighting regulations (LG7) and answering aesthetic demands. The continuous edge lighting, with both upward and downward projecting luminaries, contribute to creating open space across the whole floor area.

SAS International demonstrated the product capabilities at early stages with a full size mock-up and was specified after a period of design development with Cartwright Pickard Architects and Consulting Engineers, Buro Happold.

Mark Johnson Associate Director at Buro Happold commented: “We were impressed with SAS International’s capabilities from the start. As a manufacturer their approach to the project was architecturally and performance driven. As the services run the spine of the building offsite pre-fabrication of cladding and bulkheads was integral to the smooth manufacture and installation.”

The entire project takes a holistic view of sustainable design so that structural, environmental and architectural elements all contribute in providing a low energy BREEAM Excellent solution which according to the architects aims to produce 30% less carbon than a conventional comfort cooled office.

Helen Pool, Project Manager at Wakefield Council commented: “Wakefield One was created by the Council to save money, increase efficiency by rationalising the Council’s property portfolio, streamline services, reduce paper, reduce storage and focus services around citizens. The new building is designed and built around the principles of flexible modern working through a shared open plan environment and sustainability.”

The design challenge for SAS International was to ensure that the ISMs met the performance parameters on cooling, lighting and acoustics whilst providing the desired aesthetics.

SAS International designed a highly efficient Nose Coned Lens with linear micro prism and low glare Volumetric Lighting which provides Mean Cylindrical Illuminance to BS EN 12464-2011. The DALI Control system integrates dimming daylight linking and a graphical user interface which enables building users to control the lighting system.

Balancing occupant comfort and the demands for an energy efficient solution were core considerations at design stage. Utilising the building fabric as a heat sink enables maximum use of the structure to reduce energy costs whilst still providing extremely good thermal comfort for the occupants. The simple control systems were designed to handle façade heat gains as and when they occur.

Maximum thermal comfort has been achieved by displacement ventilation providing fresh air for the occupants at low level and the SAS International passive chilled beams provide the cooling which matches the ideal thermal profile.

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