Sapphire fan coil range

As a leading manufacturer of chilled water products, Quartz are continually reviewing their product ranges and have thus totally revised their tried and tested Sapphire range to incorporate the latest innovations in the market place to create the new Sapphire range.
Previously, the Sapphire fan coils were 275mm deep making them popular with designers as they enable the direct connection of 250mm diameter ductwork with no tricky transition pieces or dropped plenums. As one of the older models in the Quartz range, however, the objective of the design team was to maintain all of the tried and tested features of the Sapphire whilst enhancing the product with features and improving competitiveness. This exercise was required not only for the UK market but also for Quartz’s substantial export markets.
The result of the re-design is the new Sapphire range which now has an identical footprint to the more modern Amber range and incorporates the features of; mitred plenums (to assist in ductwork connection), free flow drain tray (to guarantee condensate drainage) and pleated filter (reducing maintenance requirements). In addition, the commonality of components will assist in improving both competitiveness and production lead times.

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