SANHA®-Therm – For closed heating installations and much more

The SANHA®-Therm installation system consists of tried and trusted SANHA®-Therm press fittings from carbon steel (c-steel) with a black sealing ring from EPDM (ethylene propylene dien rubber monomere) and SANHA®-Therm carbon steel pipes. Our high quality SANHA®-Therm press fittings and pipes are produced in our own factories and can be recognized by a red dot on the outside.

SANHA®-Therm also offers the combipress function like all our press fittings. This means: Tool compatibility, leak path feature and push & stay.

This is how you save time and money: The carefully manufactured installation system and its components offer an economically attractive solution for closed heating installations. The SANHA®-Therm installation pipes, DZ version are  galvanized on the in- and outside, which leads to a higher corrosion resistance and are therefore optimally suited for use in fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems. The variant “Contiflo” is made of E195, material no. 1.0034 and consists of hot-dip galvanized, unalloyed steel with optimized wall thickness, which is characterized by being easy to bend. Our C-steel system is furthermore available as a silicone free version (series 27000).

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