Safety-first busbar

Zucchini, manufacturer of Europe’s most comprehensive range of busbar power distribution systems, has responded to clients’ demands for a busbar that puts safety first and foremost.  The Company’s new MR 5-pole series has been specifically designed for use in  heavy-duty applications, where sure protection is required against harsh environmental or operational conditions.
Thoroughly tested by leading electrical contractors and installed in major manufacturing plants and rising mains applications throughout Europe, the Company’s MR 5-Pole series, is available in convenient 3 metre and 1.5 metre plus custom-lengths.
The new MR 5-Pole series also provides exceptionally high standards in earthing and has an IP52 degree of protection as standard. (An IP55 rating is achieved if tap-off outlets are covered).   
Plug-in boxes with different ratings are supplied to meet different customer needs and can be plugged in or unplugged while the busbar is live without posing risks to the installer. 
Zucchini has published a new brochure containing full information about the complete range of their busbar solutions (including the new MR 5-Pole series). 

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