Safeguarding electrical health

MK Electric has revised its extensive suite of components dedicated to meeting the demands of the healthcare sector, delivering the highest standards of hygiene, safety and security. The portfolio includes anti-bacterial cable management, switches and sockets, Isolated Power Supply (IPS) sockets that meet MEIGaN (Medical Electrical Installation Guidance Notes), lockable and surge-protected devices and accessories dedicated for those with disabilities.

Anti-microbial hygiene in hospital, care home and other medical environments remains a considerable public and Governmental concern which MK Electric has addressed with two products with strong anti-microbial properties – Prestige 3D Antibac Blue, the anti-bacterial cable management solution for power and data distribution, and the market-leading Logic Plus wiring accessories range, which has now been demonstrated to possess significant anti-microbial properties.

Together they offer a complete answer to the challenge of designing an entire installation that meets the requirements of an anti-bacterial specification. As the trunking and wiring devices are both open to contact, the control of the spread of bacteria and infections can only be effective with such a complete solution.

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