Sabien welcomes PM’s pledge

Sabien Technology, the manufacturer of M2G energy efficiency technology, has welcomed David Cameron’s recent pledge to make the UK the most energy efficient economy in Europe.

The Prime Minister has declared that countries which embrace and prioritise green energy are likely to secure the “biggest share of jobs and growth in a global low carbon sector, set to be worth $4tr by 2015.”

“We need a mix of low carbon energy and energy efficiency initiatives to protect ourselves from volatile fossil fuel markets and disruption to supplies from unrest abroad,” said Sabien Technology CEO Alan O’ Brien. “What has been the most overlooked and underrated sector is energy efficiency. Reducing energy demand will be crucial to cutting bills and managing supplies. There is already an energy source available to us – it’s the energy we don’t use.”

Bid for funding

He added: “David Cameron’s speech was nothing short of a ringing endorsement of the green economy. A policy initiative designed to unleash wide scale adoption of energy efficiency measures for the commercial market segment has to be welcomed but it will be important for the Government to first understand the likely outcomes of these policy decisions. An energy efficiency policy mechanism for accelerating the deployment of energy efficiency measures is only effective if designed to achieve wide scale deployments.

 “We are also encouraged by government sources suggesting that there could be an additional £1 billion investment to support the energy efficiency push whereby businesses ‘bid’ directly for funding to support large-scale energy efficiency projects.

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